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BCP Secures 17 for potential “REPLAY”

gatorade-logoThe Brophy Broncos have secured 17 players from its original ’90 soccer squad to potentially “REPLAY” Marcos in the 5A State Soccer Final.

Marcos is currently re-assembling its team.

The teams have agreed once two full squads are in place we are going to officially share our story with Gatorade and petition our game is selected as a “REPLAY.”

Everything is moving forward as planned and we are aiming to have two full teams lined up shortly.

Please check back for more information as this campaign progresses.

Thank you!


Welcome to the 1990 REPLAY

bcp-soccer1On behalf of the 1990 Brophy soccer team, thank you for visiting our blog and your interest in a potential “REPLAY” of the 1990 5A State Soccer Final.

We must first say this REPLAY campaign, on behalf of Gatorade, is absolutely brilliant and is allowing us to relive one of the best moments of high school athletics. Additionally, it has enabled our entire team to re-connect (some 19 years later) and is evidence the bonds and experiences you share at this stage in your life are pivotal.

In a matter of three days, the Broncos re-connected with more than 90% of its roster and secured commitments to potentially re-play Marcos in a state final. Some of the BCP guys now live in Denver, Tampa, DC, Portland and New York; yet the connections and team dynamics run strong and this came together seamlessly.

It never occurred to the Broncos we’d potentially have an opportunity to square up against the Padres — AGAIN!

Thank you Gatorade for creating the “REPLAY” campaign.  If we can make this happen it will be a dream come true for both teams.

To our families, parents, classmates,  friends and school administrators we appreciate your support as the Broncos are working tirelessly to potentially set up a Brophy vs. Marcos “REPLAY!!”

Every member of the ’90 squad is absolutely stoked about the potential of facing Marcos once again to finally settle the score.

We hope you’ll check back and share your comments on our blog as we work to make this happen.

Go Broncos!!