Q & A — # 15 Chad Buchanan

  • School: BrophyBuchanan
  • Position: Sweeper
  • Year: Junior
  • Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ
  • Current Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
  • College: University of San Diego
  • Occupation: Financial Consultant
  • Favorite Opponent to Play Against: Marcos de Niza
  • Favorite Opponent to Play on the Road: Moon Valley
  • Favorite BCP Soccer Moment: Traveling to Yuma to play Kofa (quarterfinal match) and winning in a shootout; and the bus breaking down on the way home
  • If / When the REPLAY Occurs What Will it Mean to You: Sharing the experience with my wife and son. They have heard the stories and have seen the pictures. This offers a chance for them to participate in one of the more rewarding time periods of my life.
  • Favorite Gatorade Flavor: Citrus Cooler
  • Favorite Quote: “Mr. Consistency” – Brophy Head Coach Paul Micheletti (1981-91)

2 Responses to “Q & A — # 15 Chad Buchanan”

  1. 1 Colleen
    March 13, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    I love the website/blog! It looks great. You must have put in a lot of work on this. I hope the replay can happen! I’ve got my fingers crossed!!!! — Moore

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