Q & A # 5 With Steve Service

  • School: Marcos de Nizaservicefamily
  • Position: Forward/Midfield
  • Year: Senior
  • Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Current Hometown: Sandy, UT
  • College: South Mountain Community – played 2 years for Coach Smythe (who coached us at MDN) … Named 1st team all region … Graduated with BA degree in Multimedia Technology from The University of Advancing Computer Technology, in Phoenix … Will graduate with master’s degree from FullSail University for Internet Marketing (March 2010)
  • Occupation: Webmaster / Web Developer
  • Favorite Opponent to Play Against: Corona del Sol … Loved beating them on their home turf … I knew half the guys on the Corona team because I played with them at Kyrene Jr. High
  • Favorite Opponent to Play on the Road: Corona del Sol again … and McClintock was always tough too
  • Favorite MdN Soccer Moment: Well this question is a double-edged sword. There was NOTHING like the feeling of scoring the winning goal … and then NOTHING like the feeling of having it taken back. I do have one other fond moment. I skipped playing soccer my Junior year (don’t ask me why) … When I came back my senior year I had to fight for a starting spot. Because we had so many up-and-coming sophomores on the team (Greg Vanney), I was placed as a second string midfielder behind JD West for the first game of the year against Chandler. We started off the game slow so coach (Jack Smythe) shuffled some players around and put me in. I immediately launched a 25-yard rocket into the net … and started every game after that. We ended up beating Chandler 5-0 that night.
  • Favorite Gatorade Flavor: Orange
  • If / When the REPLAY Occurs What Will it Mean to You: I think it would be a riot just to get us all back together again and play a little soccer – regardless of the outcome. Heaven knows we aren’t the same kids we were 20 years ago! I still play in an adult co-ed league to keep loose, but I’m not even close to being “fit” for a “real” match. I’d love to have my wife and kids (especially my boys) see and feel the excitement the replay game would bring about.
  • Favorite Quote: Just like Greg’s (Vanney) … I even use it as a coach now with my own kids … “They can’t win if they don’t score” – Marcos de Niza Head Coach Jack Smythe … I’m also fond of a good Wayne Gretzky quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. “

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