Q & A With # 6 Sean (Scott) Hill

  • School: Marcos de Nizasean-hill1
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ
  • Current Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Favorite Opponent to Play Against: Brophy because of the back-to-back state title games (’90 & ’91)… Corona del Sol – best conference rival and like Steve-O (Steve Service) said, I also went to Kyrene Junior High and played with most of them so it was fun to show them who truly was best in that rivalry

  • Favorite Opponent to Play on the Road: Tough to say … Mountain View was a tough road opponent and Corona (rivalry)

  • Favorite MdN Soccer Moment: Scoring the only goal of the game to knock Corona out of the playoffs in ’90 at home … I hit the ball as hard as I could off of a free kick rebound (I believe), and almost took off Jeff Jennings’ head … I felt so cool being interviewed by the local newspaper for the first time after the game.

  • Favorite Gatorade Flavor: G2 Blue
  • If / When the REPLAY Occurs, What Will it Mean to You? It’s a great excuse to relive some memories, and create new ones, that we otherwise would not get the opportunity to do … and also be on stage (again) with a great group of AZ legends … None of us could ask for a better way to have a reunion … Sure beats wearing a lame button with your name and picture from the yearbook on it standing around some bar, gym or restaurant rockin’ out to some wedding singer band … I may not be in the same shape but getting together like this would be a blast!
  • Favorite Quote: “Find a job you love to do and you’ll never work again!”  (My brother Bryan and I are living our dream)


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