REPLAY: Phillipsburg just ran out of time last time

(Source: Allentown Morning Call “The Press Box” – April 17, 2009)press-box

By: Andre Williamspress-box1

Four quarters.

That’s what the “old heads” from Easton and Phillipsburg will play on April 26 at Lafayette College’s Fisher Field.

Maybe, there will be a winner this time. That 7-7 tie in 1993 was too low scoring and made for not as tasty Thanksgiving Day supper, but Phillipsburg’s Daniel Huff believes he will eat dinner just fine following the Gatorade Replay game next Sunday.

Here’s Huff’s profile and take of the game:

Age: 33

Position: Offensive guard, defensive line

Why you did not win in 1993? I truly believe we just ran out of time. We had the ball last and were ready to win.

Why you win win on April 26? Eight weeks of hard training and a determination to win.

Got a score: Phillipsburg enough, Easton not enough.

My take: Please do not let it be 7-6. Wouldn’t that be something?


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