Q & A With Brophy Coach John Kelly

  • j-kelly2
  • Year: Brophy ’81
  • Position: Brophy Coach ’87 – ’91
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
  • Current Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
  • Favorite Opponent to Coach Against: Moon Valley and Apollo … They always had solid teams, and I had a nice rivalry going with their coaches Don Hillegas (Moon Valley) and Peter Draskin (Apollo)
  • Favorite Opponent to Play on the Road: Has to be the Kofa Kings, from Yuma … Whether we made the trip there, or whether they came to Phoenix, it was always a great game with a great atmosphere … Winning at Kofa was like going on a commando mission behind enemy lines … We’d sneak in, eliminate the target, and then flee with all of the humanity nipping at our heels behind us
  • Favorite BCP Soccer Moment: Running onto the field to celebrate the state quarterfinal win over Kofa, in Yuma … and getting hit on the head by a pair of soccer cleats that were returning to Earth after one of our players threw them in the air in jubilation
  • Favorite Gatorade Flavor: Orange
  • If / When the REPLAY Occurs What Will it Mean to You: Great opportunity to see a lot of old friends (from both teams) and to celebrate the memory of Paul Micheletti
  • Favorite Quote: “When you buy a hat like that, do you get a free bowl of soup? … Looks good on you though.” — Al Czervik from Caddyshack


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