REPLAY #1: Thank you Gatorade

Dear Gatorade,g_fb-logo

This game and the entire REPLAY experience was awesome … truly a community building event and something my wife and I will fondly remember as we attended the pep rally, bonfire, block party and epic re-match … talk about a fun-packed weekend!

We didn’t graduate from either high school or even go to school in NJ or PA.  The entire event was extremely well orchestrated and kudos to the Gatorade staff and its agency partners!

The trailer and episodes your team has developed is very compelling and inspiring, and everyone I’ve shared the links with has a similar response … “WOW — this is AWESOME!!!”  The videos succinctly and effectively communicate everything that involves sports:  family, friendship, camaraderie; school spirit; competition and mental/physical drive.

Easton and P’burg truly embraced this program and the game lived up to the hype … and everyone won in the end because the REPLAY brought so much joy to not only these two towns but “average joe” sports fans (like myself) from all across the country.

Thank you, and keep up the stellar work!


Brian Wendel

Brophy ’92


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