The following Brophy players have committed to potentially replaying Marcos in the 5A State Soccer Final:

00 Robert Kaczmaryczyk Senior IN
3 Scott Schapker Senior IN
5 Jimmy Deutsch Junior IN
6 Ryan Dyer Sophomore IN
6 Nathan Beaver Senior IN
7 Shawn Callahan Senior IN
8 Marc Garcia Junior IN
9 Derick Brownell Sophomore IN
10 Milo Iniguez Senior IN
11 Chris McCabe Junior IN
12 Michael Falvey Senior IN
13 Chris Guerin Junior IN
14 Dan Levesque Junior IN
14 Mike Ragland Junior IN
15 Chad Buchanan Junior IN
16 Scott Garlick Senior IN
17 Tony Longo Senior OUT: Injured
18 Chris Murphy Junior IN
19 Brian Wendel Sophomore IN
20 Mark Jagodzinski Sophomore IN
Coach Paul Micheletti IN MEMORIAM
Coach John Kelly IN
Trainer Chris White IN

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