Mission G — REPLAY Trailer

Episode  # 1  —  “The  Rivalry”

Episode  # 2  —  “Second  Chances”

Episode # 3 — “Football is Family”

Episode # 4 — “The Journey”

Final Episode #5 — “REDEMPTION”

Manning Brothers to Serve as Honorary Coaches for Gatorade REPLAY


“Unfinished Biz: Brophy, Marcos out to replay 1990 final”

KTAR Sports

Tie-Breaker Easton (PA) High and Phillipsburg (NJ) will play football this season, but it just won’t be another game between these two rivals. The 1993 game ended in a tie and now, at a time and place TBD, these two will play again-with players from the ’93 class. The guys agree this is a fascinating concept-especially since the old players want to play-regardless of their current “playing shape” or lack there of. Gambo says if the event, which is being sponsored by Gatorade, is televised he would definitely watch it. Turns out a similar story might be unfolding here in the Valley where Brophy Prep and Marcos de Niza High, who tied the 1990 state soccer final, are trying to organize a game to determine a true champion.


” ’90 Soccer Co-Champs Hoping for a Replay”


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