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Sunny Days Ahead …

Looking forward to getting out of this snowy winter back East, and playing in the Brophy vs. Marcos “Co-Championship” re-match in sunny PHX … it’s been 20 years and we’re getting ready to “settle the score!”

Snow fell from heaven unassembled, and this what the kids and I put together ... not the best, but it was a lot of fun!


REPLAY # 2: Trenton vs. Detroit Catholic (hockey)

REPLAY Season 2 involves a classic high school hockey rivalry in Hockey Town, USA (Detroit). The Trenton Trojans and the Detroit Catholic Central Shamrocks are two hockey powerhouses with a rivalry so intense they still meet to play twice a year despite being part of different state classifications. One of their storied match ups took place in 1999. In their second meeting, with the score tied at 4-4, Trenton player Kurt La Tarte had his jugular accidentally slit open by another player’s skate, a tragedy that almost cost him his life. The two teams convened on the ice to pray for their fellow athlete, and the game ended in a tie.  Catholic Central went on to be State Champs that year, while Trenton’s team never recovered from the shake up and their season hit the skids. Ironically, Catholic Central’s only loss that year was their first match up with Trenton.  In order for these old wounds to heal, it’s time to settle the score once and for all.


Beat the Pro vs. Greg Vanney

Ball Control competition that took place at the 2009 DA Winter Showcase.


Vanney Back to His Alma Mater

East Valley Tribune (AZ)

November 3rd, 2009, 1:07 pm · by Mark Heller

Tempe Marcos de Niza ushered in a familiar face (and a blast from the past) this week when the Padres hired Greg Vanney as their boys soccer coach.

Vanney, 35, was an all-state player who led the Padres to state championships in 1990 (a tie with Phoenix Brophy), 1991 and 1992.

He went on to play at UCLA and was drafted in 1996 by the L.A. Galaxy of the Major League Soccer.

He played professionally in L.A., as well as Europe and was part of the U.S. National team from 1997-2005 in which he participated in two World Cups.

Vanney also founded the Arizona Futbol Club (AZFC), a youth soccer club program in the Valley.


Derick Brownell’s (Brophy ’92) Pro Profile


Would like to share with everyone Derick Brownell’s (Brophy ’92) professional profile … Derick and Greg Vanney played on the same club team, but squared up against one another in HS and college (Santa Clara and UCLA, respectively) … we’re all hoping for one more opportunity to get back on the field!


Greg Vanney’s (Marcos ’92) Last Pro Game

We are pleased to share with everyone a clip from Greg Vanney’s (’92 Marcos) last professional game.

Vanney has always been a class-act and he had a stellar professional career.

Most importantly, Greg was very receptive and open to this potential REPLAY game when we first discussed the concept of the Gatorade campaign.

Thanks Greg!


REPLAY: Our Submission to Gatorade

Dear Gatorade,

Over the past few weeks I have spoken with [XXXXX] re: the REPLAY campaign. I am writing today on behalf of the Brophy Broncos and Marcos de Niza Padres because both teams are beyond impressed with the REPLAY program, and we’d like to share our story for consideration.

Our teams played to a scoreless tie in the 1990 Arizona 5A State Soccer Final. At the time, a shootout wasn’t permitted and the teams were crowned “Co-Champions.” The rule has since been changed and “Co-Champions” is a thing of the past — thank goodness.

So, what does a potential REPLAY of the 5A State Soccer Final mean to Gatorade, you ask?

First, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the premiere soccer players from Metro Phoenix to truly settle an old score – once and for all. But more importantly, it is an opportunity for these men who have become today’s community leaders to give back to their families, schools, neighborhoods, youth soccer clubs and everyone else who helped to shape and mold them along the way as they have gone on to become successful men, fathers and community leaders.

Today, these players continue to serve as ambassadors for the game of soccer, their schools and the towns where they grew up and many still live. Some are doctors, lawyers, lobbyists, entrepreneurs, Wall St. traders and retired professional athletes; but there is one thing more than anything that both squads want to add to their list of accomplishments:

To become a Gatorade REPLAY campaign ambassador!

The ’90 State Soccer Final featured the two best schools, in Arizona. This was the match-up everyone was secretly hoping for and the day finally arrived on Saturday, February 10, 1990.  This rivalry features the best players in Arizona, and both teams were stacked top-to-bottom with the Gatorade Player-of-the-Year, All-America, All-State, All-Conference and standout club players on both rosters. The stakes were high – and the game was on!

Typically, when two trains are heading toward one another at breakneck speed you want to turn away and not look. For 80 minutes of regulation play, and 20 minutes of double-overtime, the crowd couldn’t take their eyes off the field for one second as the non-stop action swung back and forth all afternoon on the pitch.

It was an epic showdown, although if you ask Marcos they will tell you they scored a “controversial goal” that was called back. The linesmen ruled “no goal” and the second overtime ensued. At the conclusion of 100 minutes of consecutive play, the score remained “0-0 ” and rather than having a shootout (penalty kicks) to determine an undisputed winner the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) declared Brophy and Marcos “Co-Champions.”

To this day (some 19 years later), it is a sensitive and very sore topic for players, parents, families and classmates on both squads to discuss. The rivalry is as fierce today as it was in February 1990.

The score needs to be settled once and for all, and this time NO TIE is allowed!!

In response to the upcoming Easton vs. Phillipsburg REPLAY, both teams have chosen to re-assemble their ’90 squad and petition Gatorade to REPLAY the ’90 Arizona State Soccer Final. We have successfully re-assembled players from the original rosters (36 players in total) and we’re working together to make this happen.

The opportunity to square up against our fiercest opponent is a dream come true for both teams — please Gatorade, help our dream become a reality.

The potential opportunity to REPLAY our nemesis has been the greatest experience as players, classmates, school administrators and the community is abuzz about the mere “idea” of a potential re-match. Furthermore, local media is clamoring to write about this if/when Gatorade selects us for a REPLAY.

To show our unity, enthusiasm and support for the REPLAY campaign we have created a 1990 REPLAY Blog ( and online petition to demonstrate our community support and unity.

  • The players want this;
  • The parents and families want this;
  • The schools and classmates want this;
  • And soccer fans across Arizona want to see this epic showdown occur one more time!

As you consider other RELAY matches, I urge you to play close attention to the Brophy-Marcos blog and petition. We are organized, motivated and have a groundswell of support at the local, regional and national level.

Most importantly, we can successfully deliver a REPLAY match that will garner tremendous community support and goodwill for all involved with the Gatorade campaign.

A Brophy vs. Marcos REPLAY represents thousands of new friends and fans Gatorade hasn’t met yet!!!!

I am anxiously awaiting your reply and look forward to speaking with you soon – let’s do this!

Yours in sport, competition and soccer,

Brian Wendel

Brophy ‘92