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Brophy, Marcos set to replay 1990 Arizona state final


By: Sheldon Shealer at

It took 20 years, but Brian Wendel may have just scored his greatest goal for Brophy College Prep (Phoenix, Ariz.) soccer.

Wendel, a 36-year-old New York resident and brainchild behind a campaign to replay the Brophy vs. Marcos de Niza (Tempe, Ariz.) 1990 Arizona Class 5A state final that ended in a scoreless draw, confirmed that a Gatorade-sponsored replay will take place May 8 in Phoenix.

“This campaign is evidence that anything is possible, and for me, it’s been a big dream to replay the 1990 state championship,” said Wendel, who was a sophomore left defender on that 1990 Brophy squad.

The 1990 final is considered by many in the Arizona soccer community as the greatest collection of high school talent on the field at one time. The match featured 10 college-bound players, six of whom went on to professional soccer careers, including former U.S. national team defender Greg Vanney and former MLS keeper Scott Garlick.

All 36 players from those teams will gather May 8 at Brophy Sports Complex for a 7 p.m. replay of that final, which will be aired on Fox Sports-Arizona. The game serves as the first event in the recently constructed Brophy Sports Complex.

Wendel originally pitched the idea of a Marcos-Brophy reunion for the Gatorade Replay series in March 2009. In February 2010, Gatorade announced that Replay 2 was going to feature hockey teams from Detroit replaying a 1999 match. A week later, however, Gatorade officials contacted Wendel to let him know that a Brophy-Marcos rematch would be part of the Gatorade Replay League.

“As disappointing as it was not to be picked [for Replay 2], I was delighted a week later when Gatorade sent an e-mail,” Wendel said. “My life flipped 180 degrees.”

Wendel said prior to the Gatorade announcement of Replay 2, Marcos and Brophy players agreed to replay the contest, anyway. With Gatorade’s sponsorship, he added, it takes the event to a higher level. Both teams will wear vintage uniforms from 1990 made by Nike.

Many of the 36 players – 18 on each side – involved in that state final are now scattered around the country. Wendel said players will be traveling from as far away as Tampa, Fla., New York and Washington, D.C. Wendel added that he has not seen many of his 1990 high school teammates in nearly 20 years.

For the individuals still residing in Arizona, Brophy and Marcos is holding “boot camp” three days a week to get players in shape for the event.


Wendel is down (for a short bit) … but is certainly not out!


Recently I joined an outdoor men’s soccer team in preparation for our potential REPLAY game. Now, we haven’t heard anything from Gatorade but I am being optimistic and want to be ready for the Gatorade training camp (two months long) in the event we receive the green light in late summer.

NOTE: training camp for the fortunate schools is Fall ’09 (Sep/Oct) and REPLAY #2 will likely occur in early November.

The great part about this soccer league, it‘s comprised of teams from around New York representing all five boroughs and the players, competition and overall environment is awesome.

My goal is to get in shape and more importantly get in ‘game shape’ prior to training camp. Losing weight, improving my endurance and overall soccer game is my mission over the summer months.

Last week, I was involved in a full-speed collision with a striker on the opposing team and both of us sustained injuries. I’ve come to find out my ribs are fractured and this is a first for me. Despite playing soccer for many years and sustaining a broken right arm and ACL/meniscus tear this is the first time I’ve had a rib injury. And Antonio (who hails from Italy) dislocated his shoulder on the play where the shorter Antonio and I collided at full tilt while battling for a loose ball – and the shorter Antonio’s shoulder and my ribs became well acquainted.

The ironic part is being injured after playing soccer is by far the best feeling. For years I ran in 5K, 10K and 15K road races (and one half-marathon) and it’s common to sustain shin splints, knee injuries, etc. Those injuries are more nagging; whereas, my fractured ribs injury actually feels great because I was mixing it up on the field and thrashing my body around like I was 16/17 again.  It is the best feeling and I know this may sound odd but perhaps others will relate.

The downside is I’ve never felt this type of pain before and find myself taking the simplest things for granted: sneezing, coughing, laughing or breathing deeply.

I’ve found that this injury only makes me more dedicated and excited for our potential REPLAY.

In the spirit of our REPLAY campaign, “celebrate life; live out loud; and KICK IT!”

More details to come soon!


Potential New Faces of “G”

Where are they now?!

In a new series, we will begin showcasing the classes from each squad starting with the young guys and ending with the esteemed Class of ’90.  Next up are the Marcos sophomores.

Brophy sophomores are ready and willing to get their game on in REPLAY #2 and serve as Gatorade ambassadors!

# 9  Derick  Brownell

# 19  Brian  Wendel

# 20  Mark  Jagodzinski

Derick Brownell2BrianKids